Adobe XD CC – Mobile applications and websites Design

Adobe XD (or Adobe Experience Design CC) is a graphics software that includes many useful features. This soft helps you create and share multiple UI/UX designs for mobile applications and websites. After a long trial period, Adobe XD is officially released and is free for all users.

Adobe Experience Design CC 2019 (or Adobe XD) is a useful software for developers, allowing users to design, test and create prototypes (prototypes) for both websites and mobile applications.

Adobe XD CC

  • Applications will allow you to design, test and test websites and mobile apps.
  • Provides a very well organized environment.
  • There is a user-friendly interface that is separated in two main tabs.
  • You can check the results in a separate window.
  • New elements can be added with the help of basic vector drawing tools.
  • Lets you export the project design to a PNG image file.
  • Can record the interaction with the prototype for MOV video file.

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