Final Cut Pro X for Mac

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro is a video editing software available only to Mac users. With a very intuitive interface, very easy to use (I think it easier to use than Adobe’s Premiere). Those who are not professional can completely use Final Cut Pro to perform basic operations such as, Cut, Join, Adjust level, Contract, match music … Only with the basic operations above if you know how to integrate, you can completely create professional videos.

Final Cut Pro X versions are only compatible with certain macOS versions. So whichever version of macOS you’re running, download Final Cut accordingly.
Details see:

Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X Final Cut Pro X

Version 10.3.4

Version 10.4.8


On High Sierra, there is another small problem even though you have turned off Gatekeeper. When the application is opened, the error is still not recognized by the developer. To open it, do the following:

– Copy the application into the Application as usual.

– Go to Application folder> Right-click Final Cut Pro and select Open, then select Open, it will open. This is only done the first time, from the next time you can open by mouse click normally.

On Catalina, if SIP is turned off, Gatekeeper is turned off, go to Application, right-click and select Open, but it still says “App can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer”, but keep the error message screen (not closed) on System. Preference> Security & Privacy> General> Click Allow to allow the application to run at the first time.

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