Carbon Copy Cloner – Backup and restore data on Mac

Is there a way to back up all data on the hard drive and then when needed, just restore it. Carbon Copy Cloner is an effective tool to help you create a hard drive backup and restore it when necessary.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner can restore quickly when needed even if your computer has any problems. Users can schedule backups according to predefined time points and automatically rearrange backups.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac allows you to backup data on your hard drive, transfer old hard drives to new hard drives, which is essential in case you lose DVDs on Mac operating systems. The data will be stored in a safe environment and restored quickly when you need it. You can also perform a backup to your hard drive, network drive, or disk image.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac helps users set up the data protection mode to prevent data loss due to a certain action after mistake. The backup changes will be constantly updated so that users can quickly find the most recent backup items.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Key features

  • Backup data on hard drive
  • Store in a safe environment
  • Set the data protection mode
  • Schedule data backup
  • Display notification when new Mail

More info:

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