Parallel Desktop 15 – Run Windows on Mac

Parallel Desktop 15

Software that supports virtualization to run Windows on a Mac can be said to be the most effective today. In addition to VMware Fusion that I have introduced before. Parallels Desktop seems to be more popular.

You can see more details in the homepage:

Parallel Desktop 15

Parallel Desktop 15

Details of changes on the latest version:

  • Install and use Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 in a virtual machine.
  • Resolves an issue with the keyboard language in Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 not syncing with that in macOS and causing Microsoft Office apps to freeze or work slowly.
  • Resolves an issue of not being able to join the Windows Insider Program.
  • Resolves an issue of not being able to open guest OS files with host OS applications by dragging them from Windows 10 to macOS app icons in the Dock.
  • Resolves an issue with Bluetooth support which caused Windows-connected devices to stop working after a short period of inactivity.
  • Resolves an issue with right-click not working and Boot Camp Manager not opening after starting a Boot Camp virtual machine with Windows 10 in Parallels Desktop.
  • Resolves an issue of not being able to use Windows Remote Assistance (msra.exe) in Coherence.
  • Resolves an issue with shared smart card reader not accepting security PIN.
  • Resolves an issue with background virtual machines appearing in the foreground after starting a Windows application.
  • Resolves an issue with blurry text in Disco Elysium.
  • Install and use RHEL 8.1 in a virtual machine.

Note: At the time the installation file encounters an update request, close it, and select No, use current.

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