Adobe Audition 2020 – Adobe’s professional audio processing tool

Adobe Audition CC 2020

Adobe Audition 2020 is a professional recording software that allows users to easily customize and edit the voice quality or a certain song. Support users to easily edit and edit audio files such as cut, stretch, increase the intensity, frequency, add and remove tracks … Adobe Audition CC 2020 can work on all current audio formats.

Some new features:
  • Accurate cleaning, restoration and audio editing tools
  • Recording, editing and integrating music clips completely easy
  • Workflow is seamlessly integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Easy to record, mix music and output audio content for podcasts
  • You can choose to click a record from a specific point in the clip
  • Zoom quickly to the time range of one or more clips
  • Edit the time values ​​and parameter values ​​for a frame
  • Improved Mulitrack user interface makes working faster
  • Quickly zoom in on specific durations or create custom durations
  • Enhanced performance when recording or playing tracks in Multitrack
  • Remove third-party effects from previous versions without scanning again
  • Edit the time values ​​and parameter values ​​for a frame

The installation method is similar to the 2019 CC versions. Still cr4ck with Adobe zii (Adobe Zii Version 2020 5.0.3 and above)

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