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guitar pro 7

Guitar Pro for Mac is a versatile music application for learning, editing for guitar, banjo and bass. In addition to composing music, Guitar Pro is a comprehensive tool for advanced as well as beginners to practice their skills, practice playing classical pieces, compose music, or remix music.

Features of Guitar Pro software:
  • Powerful, simple and intuitive. Guitar Pro helps you compose music for guitar, bass or any stringed musical instrument in just a few minutes.
  • Watch and listen to your music. Further, Guitar Pro allows you to track and listen to notes with the best conditions.
  • An ideal working environment for guitar players. Guitar Pro includes many tools for guitar players such as string diagrams, guitar tuning system, metronome, scale tool for music molds, etc.
  • Import, export and share data! Import and export data into MIDI and ASCII formats, and enjoy tens of thousands of Guitar Pro formatted music tracks available on the Internet.

Guitar Pro 7

Guitar Pro 7

How to install
  1. Run File setup.pkg to install as usual.
  2. Then open the Cr4ck folder, Copy Guitar Pro 7 file into the Application folder> select Overwrite. Then run Guitar Pro 7 file in Application.
  3. Use any connection blocking software that SoftFree4Life has introduced to Block outgoing connections (Little Snitch)
  4. Run Guitar Pro 7, just select Try to try it out. But it is forever ^ _ ^

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