Axure RP – Website design tools, Prototypes, Diagramming, etc – All in one

Axure RP Pro is a tool dedicated to the design of website templates and web applications. It is built on the perfect combination of Visio and web design tools. It allows you to create interactivity, description, … easily based on the browser faster through modern tools without having to know anything about Code.


The operations are simple and easy to use but fully adapt to professional design and presentation tools such as Visio, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint and Photoshop.


Main features of Axure RP Pro
  • Simulate rich interactions by showing and hiding layers.
  • Automatically create user interfaces …
  • Drag and drop widgets into and arrange easily (like Visio).
  • Create templates in a format that works like real web pages (i.e. you can interact like web pages while designing).
  • Save time for repeating gadgets by using custom widgets and templates.

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