CorelDraw 2020 – Vector graphics tool competes with Illustrator

After days of waiting, CorelDraw 2020 finally has a “cr4ck”. The CorelDraw 2020 version on the Mac greatly improves the speed of software launch, adds more features and optimizes processing speed compared to CorelDraw 2019.

Compared to AI, CorelDraw is much easier to use, this software is more suitable for more common users (besides their company also mainly designs packaging with CorelDraw). And the CorelDraw 2020 upgrade is really a worthwhile upgrade (though not really as smooth as the Windows version).

Installation Instructions:

This is a Repack, so the installation is quite easy. You installed correctly in the following order is okay
1. Run the file CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020_MUL_REPACK.pkg to install as usual. When installing from Serial, select as shown:


2. Then run to install the CDGS2020U1.pkg file, click continue until the installation is complete.

※In case an “unexpected error” appears, run the “CorelDRAW Cleaner” file [black icon]. Then enter the login password to confirm Clean, then repeat the installation steps above

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