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Profile for update macOS 11 Big Sur, iPad OS, iOS 14

In June 2020, Apple launched iOS 14, the new iPadOS, and especially that macOS 11 Big Sur (not as 10.16 as you might think). , consistent with iOS, iPadOS.
This is the Profile to update to iOS 14, iPadOS or macOS 11 Big Sur versions so that anyone who likes to play with the experience first. You should consider, backup the data before proceeding.

Devices are also supported in this update

To update to macOS 11 Beta, follow these instructions:

1. Download Apple’s Beta program profile here:

Profile macOS 11 Beta

2. After downloading, run the macOSDeveloperBeta16AccessUtility.dmg file, then run the macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg file inside to install it.

After installation, Mac will open the software Update program, you will see macOS 11 beta appear, if you want to upgrade, select Upgrade to upgrade to a trial experience.

Big Sur macos though Beta this time has a capacity of 9.56gb.

After the download is complete, the installer will open automatically, click Continue and follow the instructions to upgrade



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