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GoodNotes for Mac – Smart notes application


GoodNotes will turn your Mac into smart digital paper and powerful document management system. Use the same features from the iPad version of GoodNotes on your Mac and work with your documents where you want and when you want. GoodNotes feature for Mac Create a digital notebook and enter text using the keyboard, a stylus […]

Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020

Football Manager 2020 is a famous soccer game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. This is the latest version of the Football Manager series and is the sequel to Football Manager 2019. Game Football Manager 2020 adds a series of new features and new play mechanics, in which the role and responsibilities of […]

PDF Expert – PDF files reading software on Mac

Currently there is quite a lot of software about reading, editing, converting PDF files. Each software has its own advantages. However, if you only need a simple software to read PDF files, PDF Expert is the software you are looking for. PDF Expert has the ability to read PDF files up to 2000 pages but […]

Little Snitch 4 – Block the Internet connection for the application

Little Snitch 4

Little Snitch 4 Software that blocks connections from applications, software to the Internet. An application for anyone using cr4ck software. Little Snitch 4 is a permissions blocker that lets you control all of your incoming and outgoing connections. If you’ve got an app that you don’t want connecting to the internet, the software can block […]

RapidWeaver 8 – Web design support tool

RapidWeaver 8

This article I share with you the Realmac RapidWeaver software, a software that helps you create a professional website in minutes, XHTML and CSS support. RapidWeaver has a very powerful community of themes and plug-ins. You can download themes and edit them as yours quickly. Requirements Intel, 64-bit processor OS X 10.9 or later

Axure RP – Website design tools, Prototypes, Diagramming .. all in one

Axure RP Pro is a tool dedicated to the design of website templates and web applications. It is built on the perfect combination of Visio and web design tools. It allows you to create interactivity, description, … easily based on the browser faster through modern tools without having to know anything about coding. The operations […]

Deskovery Mac – Window Management Made Easy


Deskovery makes it easy to find the window you want among all your open windows, just move your mouse to see a preview of the same edit as on Widnows. Deskovery also allows you to resize a window with just one click. Click the zoom button, drag to the preferred size and position, release the […]

Autodesk AutoCAD 2019 – 2020


AutoCAD is the best computer 3D graphics software today. Most construction engineers, bridges, houses, architectures … use AutoCAD as a tool to create their creative products. If Photoshop is the master in photo editing, then AutoCAD is considered a witch in 2D, 3D graphic design. Instructions for installing and “active method” in the download file. […]

Phoenix Point – Shooting game

Phoenix Point

In 2022, scientists found an extraterrestrial virus species in the permafrost. These ice sheets have begun to melt. It’s name is Pandoravirus. Humans and animals that are exposed to this virus will be transformed into horrible horrors. When the melting ice released Pandoravirus into the oceans, it was also the beginning of the end of […]