Top Contacts – Advanced contacts manager

Top Contacts is a directory manager that adds powerful CRM features to familiar contact lists.

Work smarter, quicker and more efficiently:
  • Use groups, tags, and color markers for easy access and navigation
  • Set up customizable filters to get to the information you need
  • Sort by any field to organize your contact list in your way
  • Modify contact fields right in the table without opening the contact card
  • Get quick access to contacts you recently interacted with
  • Search contacts with options: case sensitive search, search in fields
  • Link contacts to each other and track relationships
Customize contact card:
  • Add custom or predefined fields, delete unnecessary ones
  • Organize fields by sections to structure information
  • Rearrange fields to access information promptly
  • Specify different sets of fields for different contact groups
  • Each field knows what type of information it stores that simplifies the data entry, makes it convenient to use and reduces the number of mistakes
  • Supported field types: Text, Number, Date, Time, Price, Checkbox, Combobox, Phone, Email, URL
Calendar and To-Do:
  • General calendar and To-Do list for all contacts
  • Separate calendar and To-Do list for each contact
  • Two calendar views
  • Reminders for important events or follow ups
  • Support for recurring events in calendar
  • Ability to assign tasks and events to one or more contacts
  • Built-in search for calendar events
Manage files:
  • Attach documents and other files to your contacts
  • Preview attached documents directly in the app
  • Share attached documents and files
Sync across devices:
  • Sync securely across devices with iCloud
  • No third-party services are used for sync, all your data is stored only on your devices and your iCloud account
  • The app version for iPhone and iPad is also available*
Advanced filters:
  • Set up customizable filters to get to the information you need
  • Configure filters with multiple conditions
  • Save filter templates to apply filters in one click
Import, Export, Share:
  • Import contacts from the Contacts app or from CSV, XLSX files
  • Export contacts to PDF, CSV, XLSX files
  • Share contacts and documents via email, messages or just open in other apps
  • Password protection
  • Detailed user manual on our website
The Pro version benefits:Sync the information across devices via iCloud
Export contacts to PDF, CSV and XLSX files
No banners, no ads

* Sync with iOS devices requires Top Contacts for iOS, sold separately.

Compatible: macOS 10.12 or higher

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